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What People Are Saying

“What separates this guide from others is its commitment to facts and plans backed by science and research… This is an important read for exercise hopefuls and aficionados alike.”

Publishers Weekly

“These workouts by Brad Kolowich are effective!”

— Hines Ward,
former NFL wide receiver
and “Dancing with the Stars” winner

“This book eliminates all the excuses and obstacles to getting in shape. Using a science-backed approach, it’ll help you get the fitness results you want without spending a lot of time.”

— Joe Decker,
“World’s Fittest Man”
Guinness World Record Holder

“Fitter Faster will be of use to anyone beginning, or needing to refresh, their exercise routine. It is sensible and practical with answers to many common questions… With honesty and humor, the book encourages easy-to-follow fitness programs that could turn into a lifetime of healthy habits.”

Foreward Reviews

“Fitter Faster is the perfect real-world resource for both beginners and avid exercisers. The easy-to-do workout routines will change the way you think about exercise. Packed with myth-busting tidbits and tons of tips, this book will inspire you to get going and keep moving!”

— Lisa “Hungry Girl” Lillien

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